Interior Design Scam: $6,328.22 stolen

To whom it may concern:
I met Gillian Shenon during the school year of 1992/93. She was employed as an assistant at the local preschool. After knowing her for a few months she began to babysit for our boys and eventually came to live at our home and worked as a nanny. 
She travelled with us as a nanny too. We remained close for many years until the following incident in 2015.

In 2014 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had just purchased a home in Calistoga and was making plans to remodel it. Due to my diminished physical health I asked Gillian to help me with the project. We had several meetings and jointly selected items to order for the Calistoga home. When asked, I wrote checks to Gillian to cover the costs of the home items.

As the project progressed I continually asked Gillian when certain things would be delivered. She most often blamed the vendors and never told me that she had not actually placed the orders. I found this out by calling a vendor myself and was told that the order had never moved from “proposal” to “order”. This should have been done by Gillian and instead she cashed the checks and kept the money. This happened with several vendors as you see below.

Attached is an email with itemization written by Gillian acknowledging her debt, still unpaid.

Pam Roberts

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